WONDER MACHINES Slow Dance slow-motion art beyond human perceptions

Have you ever seen an illusion right in front of your eyes?

The video you are seeing is not post-production or special effects software. It is the real visual effect presented by Wonder Machines Slow Dance. Wonder Machines’ Slow Dance can make real objects present slow-motion effects and persistence of vision. By precisely using the limitations of human visual perception to create this kind of illusion sculpture, Slow Dance seems to have done the impossible right in front of your eyes! Every object placed on Slow Dance will be given vitality to dance like a graceful dancer.

Founder Jeff Lieberman and Slow Dance

Wonder Machines is a brand created by Jeff Lieberman. The Slow Dance team brings together backgrounds from MIT to the forests of Maine, from robotics and graphic design to meditation, music, and painting. Jeff Lieberman is keen to analyze various phenomena that cannot be captured by the naked eye in reality. After repeated hypotheses, verifications and precise designs, the moments that can only be appreciated by slow-motion disassembly of precision instruments are reproduced at normal speed in our universe. By sharing it with you, Jeff Lieberman brings you a meditation-like moment of calming effect and a unique experience that will not be forgotten for a lifetime. He looks forward to improving and transferring the perception of every viewer through each work, bringing beauty, love and miracle into their lives.
The first Slow Dance in the world is a wedding gift specially designed by Jeff Lieberman for two friends who are dancers. By creating a sculpture with two feathers that can dance together in a frame, it is a perfect metaphor for them. Jeff Lieberman presented through the combination of science, art and design. Different modes allow you to switch between different dance modes, allowing different dance patterns. Slow Dance and Pop& Lock are slow, smooth and elegant like slow motion; and Double Trouble makes objects look like they are jumping in space!

Unspeakable secrets - The principle behind

Through the high-speed strobe lights that flash 80 times per second to make the lights look coherent, your eyes can't even see them flashing and then synchronize the high-speed vibration frequency of the flashing lights and objects (feathers, flowers, branches, etc.), creates the visual illusion that the placed objects come alive in slow motion. This is a phenomenon called persistence of vision. Its principle is similar to that of television. Continuous images that flash fast enough make us visually appear to be playing in a coherent motion.
“Fascinated by wonder — how do we create experiences of awe and mental silence by breaking the expectations of human perception?” – WONDER MACHINES

Like many great illusions, knowing how Slow Dance works does little to dilute its impact. Looking at an object through Lieberman’s frame feels a bit like peering in on a hidden world. Suddenly you can see the bend of a feather’s barbs. Plants feel more alive because you can see them move. As for Lieberman, he hopes his creation will help people slow down themselves, if only for a split second. “As adults we get complacent about mystery,” he says. “This really engages someone in a state of wonder.”


Taiwan exclusive distribution for WONDER MACHINES

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