CITY FRAMES Travel the world, and relive your most beautiful memories at home.

Collect your travel memories

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, how long haven't you traveled abroad to see the world? If you could go to a city on the other side of the world immediately, where would you like to go?
City Frames is a newly created brand from Germany. The original intention of the founder was to allow every friend who loves to travel to retain the beautiful memories of every journey in a unique way and to continue your exclusive memory of every city you have visited. The minimalist design of the white three-dimensional city and the river with black leaves make City Cubes very suitable for installation in the home or office; you can also hang City Frames on the wall to present a painting-like interior decoration, bringing the beauty of the world Bring it into your life and collect every city you have traveled to, bringing profound meaning and memorial nature.

Minimalist design and detail processing

City Cubes(18x18cm) is the Xs size and the classic model of City Frames. The appearance adopts a minimalist and textured design: it consists of a 3D printed white city model and a black wooden frame; all waters such as rivers and coasts are all presented with a flat black inner base, and the contrast between three-dimensional and flat surface plus black and white presents a unique visual beauty. Each City Frame is composed of an outer frame, a black and white 3D printing plate and a base with three interlayers, creating an extraordinary three-dimensional model and texture.
Alexander Müller, the founder of City Frames, attaches great importance to every friend who supports the brand. Since the launch of the brand, he has continued to collect everyone’s opinions and voices. In the product options, you are also welcome to give us your valuable comments. After we have compiled a certain number of wish lists, we will serve as the window for each friend to contact City Frames!

Eco-friendly materials combined with 3D printing technology

In addition to being very suitable for gifts and far-reaching collections, City Frames is also committed to the application of environmentally friendly materials, and you will not forget to do your part for this planet while continuing your exclusive memories! The material of each City Frame is recycled and environmentally friendly. The white 3D printed model on the top layer and the black base on the first layer below are recycled plastics extracted from corn starch. The connected base is made of environmentally friendly paper and framed. The wood is made of natural wood.
“Travel the world, and relive your most beautiful memories at home.” – CITY FRAMES

City Frames only provides Xs size City Cubes products to friends all over the world for the moment. THÉM will strive and continue to provide different sizes for selection in the future. City Frames come in various sizes, such as S (34x34cm), M (49x49cm) and Size L (64×64 or 49x79cm): If a city in the world is full of stories, significant, and hoped to be stored at home by you, we sincerely invite you to write to us to discuss and make reservations. We will do our best to contact the head office, and to create your City Frames together with you.


Taiwan exclusive distribution cities all over the world available in succession

THÉM is very honored to take over the City Frames distributor in Taiwan and become a part of the promotion of City Frames all over the world: whether you want to go to Europe that advocates freedom and exotic styles, Asia with similar geographical locations but different cultures, and North America, which is closely related to us and is enthusiastic, THÉM and City Frames will accompany you to travel around the world and collect every precious travel memory! City Cubes have arrived in Taiwan for some cities and are officially available at THÉM and our platforms! We invite our friends who like City Cubes 3D printing city model arrival, subscribe to the newsletter, continue to pay attention to the latest news we provide on the official website and fan page, we will continue to update the relevant information of the arrival city!

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