FLYTE the healing levitating light bulb that lights up your life

Small installation art

Have you ever seen a light bulb floating in the air? Most light bulbs are fixed on the socket, while the levitating light bulbs from Flyte can float in the air with almost no frictional resistance. By looking at its soft rotating effect, you can indulge for hours and find your inner peace.

Minimalist design ultimate WOW factor

The levitating light bulb Flyte is designed in Sweden and is made of 1/4 oak, ash and walnut veneer. Every aspect of the design is inspired by minimalism and retro design and is carefully crafted with advanced components to present a premium quality. The energy-saving LED used in the bulb has a lifespan of about 50,000 hours, which is equivalent to 12 hours a day for 11 years, which proves its efficiency and functionality.

One of the best inventions according to TIME magazine

Flyte is a brand from Sweden, its name comes from "Fly" and "Light", and at the same time is the Swedish term "Float". Flyte combines luminous bodies, mysterious magnetic-floating, and wireless power to create inspiring classic products. These products combine art, technology, and minimalist design.

“Inspiring iconic products that are an intersection of art, technology & minimalistic design.” – FLYTE

With an unquenchable enthusiasm, Flyte created the world’s first levitating light bulb, which was named one of the best inventions in 2016 by "Time" magazine; and was awarded LIT Award Lighting Product Design Award, which proves its lofty design style.


The science philosophy behind

Thanks for the invention of Nikola Tesla and pay tribute to him. Wireless power transmission was one of the core designs of Flyte, Flyte has packed some of Nikola Tesla's technologies in the design, combining magnetic levitation technology with electricity, opening up unlimited possibilities!

Touch sensor switch

Turning on and off the levitating bulb from Flyte is very easy. The capacitive touch sensor is a very important link, simple and smooth, like touching a wooden surface, but showing a magical switch light effect.

towerTaiwan exclusive distribution "collecting every touch and smile"

Since THÉM has taken over the exclusive distribution for Flyte Taiwan in June 2020, we have received many feedbacks about favorites and purchases of Flyte products: Every touch and smile is our greatest achievement; every recognition is the source of our continuous improvement.
Whether it’s Lyfe that can grow small life carefully selected by you, Flyte a levitating light buld that litghts up the night and your life, Story a levitating timepiece that can customize your own unique journey and Buda Ball a small installation art that stopped the busy pace by gazing into it are currently available at THÉM and each of our major platforms; those who want to explore Flyte’s actual products, to appreciate and experience the full range of merchandise, and feel the warmth of Flyte are welcome to write to us and make a reservation.

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