Lumio Lito a book a lamp also a healing journey

Excellent eye-catching effect

Lumio Lito book lamp has no buttons, no switches, and no wires. When closed, it is a delicate hardcover book that concealed the light inside; when opened, it will become a sculpture-like artistic lamp, emitting a gentle, soft warm light. By appreciating, touching and feeling Lumio, will bring a touch of newness, a little temperature and a healing effect to your life.

Adjust the expansion range as you like

The book light Lito can be carried out up to 360 degrees, whether you want to travel or use in home furnishings, you can adjust the book spreading range to change the light range according to your personal needs, bringing brightness and different atmospheres to the environment; high-quality shell cover is long-lasting Durable and waterproof, it can provide up to 8 hours of use after being fully charged, and can be recharged for use. The design and practicality make it an indispensable companion in life.

Top 10 most innovative fundraising companies

Max Gunawan has an unquenchable passion for minimalist design and clean lines that can cleverly use small spaces. When he created Lumio, he didn't have much ambition for the brand, he just wanted to create a beautiful, surprising, functional and pleasant design.

“Our goal is to create lasting pieces for your home – and for wherever life takes you.” – LUMIO

Today, from the "New York Times" to "GQ", social media all over the world are sharing Lumio. Lumio has also been exhibited and sold by one of our partners, MoMA, and selected by the "Entrepreneur=" magazine as one of the "Top Ten One of the innovative crowdfunding companies.


Latest model mini portable charger

Lumio Lito mini is a new model launched in recent years. It continues the original design concept and introduces more color options. In addition to the reduced size, it is more convenient to carry. The biggest change is the addition of a USB portable charger on the side of the book. Function, when fully charged, can charge up to 3 iPhone Xs. As a portable charger, Lito mini's special appearance design and the original characteristics of a book light make it particularly dazzling and bring more fun to life!

LUMIO Taiwan authorized distributor

THÉM are very honored to be an authorized distributor of Lumio Taiwan and formally become a part of many people who appreciate and promote Lumio: Products of Lumio are now available at THÉM and our major platforms. We hope that every selection of our products will bring surprises and healing effects to every friend who loves beautiful things. We are very looking forward to hearing and seeing more of you who like Lumio book lights Lito and Lito mini like us. More stories about Lumio bringing beauty and healing to life!

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