A Better Feeling elevate the idea of a candle and make it more of a functional art piece

A revolutionary candle that ignites the fashion industry

A Better Feeling's scented candle is a brand-new product line planned and developed for one year and finally launched at the end of 2020. The design prototype has two different materials of metal and ceramic in appearance; the scented part has three models: Ginkgo, Penultimate and Vicous Manuka, what A Better Feeling wants to present is a candle design that can subvert your impression. The appearance is unique. Due to the jagged edges and the precision of the lid mechanism, the candle is the most difficult since the brand was founded. One of the products developed. The candle concept is a continuation of the brand's rugged design method, built around straight edges and rectangular shapes, showing A Better Feeling's determination to try to interpret ordinary products unusually.

Irregular mountain line opening design

In addition to the role of A Better Feeling scented candles to change the atmosphere through the smell, the avant-garde, and unique shape also bring texture enhancement and finishing touch to the home space. The aluminum metal scented candle is encased in a two-part upper and lower part, which can be opened. In the closed silver aluminum metal container, the avant-garde and unique irregular flow lines join the upper and lower lids, giving the candle a mountain-like beauty when opened and burning; while it is closed, the candle looks like an aluminum block. The ceramic candle is encased in a sturdy white ceramic container, with a serrated edge opening like a mountain, without the metal and upper and lower lid design, presenting a different style with the same charming quality.

How does Xander Ghost define smell

“Creating a scent is about translation — about an idea of a place or a material or an emotion, or even a color, turned into something else entirely. You hear a lot that scents are about evoking memory, but we never really bought into that. Why limit yourself like that? That’s why the scenes that we described to the artists at the lab don’t come from any one place in the past. Some of them came from there, sure, but they also came from the present and from so many possible futures — in our minds, all of these things were happening at once. It’s about an idea of a place that has, does or could exist.”


An emerging brand not to be underestimated in the fashion industry

A BETTER FEELING is a product-based company, created in 2018 by Cairo-born artist Xander Ghost. The strong design style of the owner and the high quality of products enabled the brand's volume and height to accumulate in a very short time, becoming an unstoppable trend for celebrities all over the world. International superstars such as Suwon Kiko, CLBillie Eilish, etc. are all admirers of it. Major social media and fashion magazines such as Forbes, Hypebeast, etc. have also featured the brand. A BETTER FEELING is a product-based company, focused on functional design that provokes happiness, with the initial offering as eyewear, and driven by the principle of achieving connection, dedicated to creating synergy between product and person through a symbiotic visual identity and material language.
“We wanted to really elevate the idea of a candle and make it more of a functional art piece.” – Xander Ghost
A Better Feeling try to prove that we’re all about precision, which is the brands signature. For Xander Ghost specifically, it’s always been about being precise and not doing something with 90% effort, he want things at 100% like a finished product. We’re never really designing for men or women, it’s always unisex and it’s crazy because, from a content perspective, we usually shoot a lot of females, which wasn’t really planned. We just knew a lot of female models and a lot of them actually aren’t signed, we just photograph people who look cool to us. It just kind of evolved like that but weirdly, our sales are 50/50 split between men and women but men also buy a lot just based on the female content. I don’t think things are correlated like the book, I think it’s all about doing what you think is cool and whoever gets on board is kind of your customer, instead of trying to cater to the commercial audience.

Implementing sustainability into each work

I just don’t like to market ourselves as a fully sustainable brand because we’re not and I think a lot of people use it as a marketing thing. We’re trying out best with the materials that we’re using so we reduced plastic from our original packaging by about 80%, so we don’t really have any plastic components in our packaging. "The easiest thing for us is to actually do the packaging first because a lot of people waste a lot of plastics with that and never really think about it, so we tackled that and we’re working on other things as we go." said Xander Ghost.

A BETTER FEELING exclusive distributor for Taiwan

THÉM is very honored to take over the exclusive distributor for A Better Feeling in Taiwan to share the brand with more friends: A Better Feeling scented candles with avant-garde styling will be available n THÉM and our major platforms. I hope that the newly selected brand of the THÉM can bring a new sensory experience to each customer who loves fragrance. We invite friends like us who look forward to the arrival of A Better Feeling to subscribe to the newsletter and continue to pay attention to the latest news we provide on the official website and fan page. We will provide more first-hand news before the official launch!

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