Starting from the core of the brand, THÉM has created a Pop-up store that combines design, fashion and art - "CONSTRUCTING": It implies the process of building a brand from scratch. The space will be presented similarly to an art gallery, showcasing each brand that THÉM distributes.

Theme "CONSTRUCTING" design concept

Representative brand products will be placed on each column in the exhibition hall, and the lighting above the column will present the atmosphere of appreciating works of art. The metal iron frame on the periphery implies the process of building a brand from scratch. From this Pop-up, THÉM has officially combined the online official website with the offline physical storefront to provide the most unique experience for your life aesthetics.

Pop-up store information

Date ▸ 4/23 - 5/12
Location ▸ Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Xinyi Place A11 North Gate
Brand ▸ Amen,A Better Feeling,BeanAndBean,Cityframes,Dilio,Earl of East,Flyte,Lumio,The Lampster,Wonder Machines and Art Piece


THÉM brand concept and philosophy

"THÉM represents each individual who's obsessed with beauty. We share what we love with you, hoping you will bring beauty to the world through your interpretation."
THÉM is a selection platform between design, boutique and art, and agents and distributors of high-end home furnishing brands across Europe along with our business development: To THÉM, our selection is not only the provision of goods, but also putting more efforts to provide our customers with advanced information, introduce designers, design inspirations, styles and special features of each product, and share the beauty with every friend.
THÉM is the agent and distributor of high-end home furnishings from all over the world. We are currently the exclusive distributor for brands such as A Better Feeling, Amen, BeanAndBean, Cityframes, Flyte, The Lampster and Wonder Machines in Taiwan, also we are the authorized distributor for brands such as Dilio, Earl of East and Lumio in Taiwan. In addition to the agency and distribution of brands, we also provide a selection of limited-edition products from up to 10 international brands. We sincerely hope that the official website of the complex selection platform THÉM can bring every customer the best shopping experience and service.

The purest scented candle from France AMEN

Amen is high-end scented candles that use aromatherapy to provide a more balanced, earth-friendly, body-oriented fragrance for home life: by visiting top yoga shrines around the world in collaboration with masters, wabi-sabi and minimalist aesthetics combine new Craftsmanship that creates 7 fragrances for the 7 chakras that interact harmoniously with the body for a balance of body, mind and soul.

Swedish high-quality minimalist maglev home decoration FLYTE

Flyte is a brand from Sweden, its name comes from "Fly" and "Light", and is also "Float" in Swedish terms. Flyte creates luminous spectacles that combine the wonders of magnetic levitation with wireless power, having inspiring iconic products that are an intersection of art, technology & minimalistic design. A lifelong passion that finally got off the ground, Flyte's collection of gravity-defying lights which is awarded as one of the “Best Inventions” by Time Magazine and other standalone products are a testament to the lofty design, with the growth of the brand, Flyte has created more amazing independent products, and the constant insistence is the pursuit of every detail and the ultimate texture.

Earl of East founder's unique fragrance created by the local urban atmosphere after traveling around the world

Earl of East is a fragrance brand from the United Kingdom. With each city tour the founders took, they have set the direction to create unique fragrances inspired by the memory of city travel, and create a variety of fragrances with clear outlines. Earl of East provides you a small fortune that can travel around the world by gently closing your eyes and immersing yourself in the feast of smell, adding a sense of ritual to the tedious daily life.

Cityframes collects every meaningful cityscape

Cityframes is a newly created brand from Germany. The original intention was to allow every friend who loves to travel to retain the beautiful memories of every journey in a unique way and to continue your exclusive memory of every city you have visited. The minimalist design of the white three-dimensional city and the black in the river makes City Cubes very suitable for installation in the home or office, bringing the beauty of the world into your life.

A cute scented candle BeanAndBean created by the design team from Vancouver

BeanAndBean "Pachuli", codenamed PACHULI, is a Pachuli star man from the future: Pachuli was born in the universe in an interstellar adventure. Every Pachuli originates from the explosion of a star, and they are all children of the stars. A lost civilization whose coordinates are in the Milky Way galaxy, a living body planet that has not yet been detected by the earth, has traveled through time and space, holding their aircraft, and landed on this blue planet.

Dilio combines cement with digital design to create a diffuser with your own scent

Dilio is specialists at using concrete as the main medium of design and creation, and combines Western design aesthetics and Eastern style implication: the designer uses architectural and parametric design techniques to create a modern geometric aesthetic that interlaces reality and virtuality, and makes cement products with sharp edges and corners. , neat and decisive, unique and high-quality avant-garde furniture.


The Lampster a Romanian figure lamp that lights up your life like a superhero

The Lampster is a new brand from Romania in Eastern Europe. It started with the idea of ​​using an old-fashioned motorcycle or tractor headlights as lamps. The body material is made of high-density recycled plastic polyethylene, which perfectly matches the retro metal headlights. The overall appearance begins It looks like a small robot, bringing light and hope to the world.


Timeless innovative high-end home furnishings from Lumio

Lumio 's brand is a simplification, pursuing minimalist design and clean lines, and cleverly using small spaces to blend beauty and usability: we hope to create something that fascinates and gives Design products that are calm or awe-inspiring, and such works must be durable, do not require constant upgrades and updates, and can continue to inspire people's joy in the next few years. Today, Lumio is committed to creating designs that are both forward-looking and related to the level of handicrafts in the past, touching your senses through touch, sound, sight or smell, bringing a sense of surprise and healing.


A Better Feeling irregular mountain appearance artwork scented candle

A Better Feeling 's aluminum metal scented candle is housed in an openable and closable silver aluminum metal container consisting of upper and lower parts. The avant-garde irregular streamline joins the upper and lower covers. When opened, it presents a modern art like a mountain; The Atmosphere Candle is housed in a sturdy white ceramic container with an attractive texture, with a unique irregular opening shaped like a mountain.


Create your own living art frame with Wonder Machines

Wonder Machines 's Slow Dance is a frame that makes real objects appear in slow-motion movement and visual persistence, each placed object will be animated and dance like a graceful dancer. It was originally a wedding gift specially designed by designer Jeff Lieberman for his dancer's best friend. The inspiration for the design came from exploring the communication between two living entities through dance.

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