AMEN the purest sustainable high-end scented candle from France

The first high-end scented candle brand that pursues purity and sustainability

Amen is a brand founded by Rodrigo Garcia Alvarez in Paris, France in 2020. It tells a story about how all beings find light in their daily lives in their own way. The brand has created high-end scented candles with a distinctive style that is both luxurious and pure with a clean, unpretentious and sustainable appeal: Amen's candles are a range of non-toxic 100% natural vegan wax candles, each handcrafted in Grasse, France, long recognized as the "Perfume Capital of the World".

Aromatherapy scents created together with yoga masters around the world

"We're really lucky to have every Amen candle handcrafted using traditional French techniques by a family from Grasse, who are curious and happy to incorporate sustainability best practices," says brand owner Rodrigo. The biggest difference between the brand's scented candles from other is that Amen's appeal for fragrance is pure. Amen uses aromatherapy to provide a more balanced home life, closer to the earth, and body-oriented fragrance: By visiting top yoga shrines around the world in collaboration with the masters. Combining wabi-sabi and minimalist aesthetics with new craftsmanship to create 7 fragrances for the 7 Chakras that interact harmoniously with the body, achieving a balance of body, mind and soul.

Join hands with environmental groups around the world to create a world free of plastic waste

"In pursuit of sustainability, Amen has designed and created a unique packaging that is CO2 negative, biodegradable, and made from a solution of mushrooms and agricultural waste mycelium under a white exterior. The revolutionary design enables the brand to be immediately recognized as an iconic sustainable candle emerging brand after its launch. "Mushroom conversations" art exhibition from Stuttgart GALERIE KERNWEINE, Paris DOVER STREET PARFUMS MARKET and DESIGN MIANI, and will continue to launch different collaborations at the Gaia Art Foundation in London and the Tokyo Museum to share CO2-negative, circular and biodegradable packaging. Joining artists, scientists, foundations, universities and sustainability activists around the world with a common goal: to make plastic only a museum memorial, and to make eco-friendly mushroom packaging more affordable and ubiquitous.


High-end and quality comes from the dedication to every detail

In addition to the appeal of sustainability, high-end and ultimate texture are also the details that Amen focuses on: from packaging to container, brand Minimalism and pure white are the main visual keynotes: the container of each candle is pure white porcelain from Limoges, the "French Porcelain Capital", which has been famous for its ceramics since the late 18th century, and the part of the candle cover is once again. Running through the core of the brand "sustainability", each candle cover uses the hetre brut wooden cover from the French certified PEFC and can be used directly as a candle extinguisher.

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