LUMIO Teno Crack Bluetooth Speaker Unprecedented Forward-looking Design Combines Sound and Light

The bluetooth speaker like a porcelain bowl sculpture emits soft light and sound from the cracks in the rock

Lumio Bluetooth speaker Teno is a detailed and exquisite Bluetooth speaker with a unique crack design and a shape like a delicate porcelain bowl sculpture: the whole speaker does not have any buttons, and it adopts a completely touch-sensitive design. Warm light, powerful speakers, and intuitive touch volume and brightness adjustments.

Intuitive touch-sensitive design and natural sand material create a unique experience

Teno's avant-garde design brings a magical feeling. Split it in half to activate the device, and use intuitive finger gestures to make the device: There are 4 brightness options for Teno lighting adjustment, touch The uppermost surface is located near the center to adjust the brightness and darkness of the light. In addition, if the mobile phone receives a new call while the music is playing, you can also answer the call and end the call by tapping the surface. The product has a built-in noise-canceling microphone that makes the sound clear, which can be used for online meetings or amplified calls.

Every time you open the closing device, you can be amazed by its unique design

The sound adjustment part adopts an intuitive sliding design, as long as you gently slide up and down from the bowl-shaped arc, you can increase or decrease the volume; it is easier and more fun to turn off Teno, just re-open the speaker that has been split into left and right halves. Close the unit when closed.

A design that won multiple world awards as soon as it came out

Unprecedented and forward-looking innovative design, the advent of Teno has won multiple world-class design awards: won in just one yearRed Dot Best Designandbest innovationdouble award,Australian Good Design Gold Award,Cannes Creative Bronze Lionand other awards;Forbes hailed it as a "miracle thing",Time magazine's list of the best inventions of 2022.

The design is inspired by the traditional Japanese craft "Kintsuki"

The founder Max's design of Teno was largely inspired by the traditional craft "Kintsugi" (Kintsugi) when traveling in Japan. "Kintsuki" is an ancient repair technique from Japan. It mainly uses lacquer to repair damaged ceramic utensils, and then uses gold powder, gold leaf and other materials to beautify the repair marks, so that the items not only restore their functions, but also transform them into a unique art. work-Max hopes that Teno can be like a collection at home: it has the characteristics of becoming more valuable with time and will not be easily replaced with time; it has imperfect cracks, but it is as classic and long-lasting as "Kinji".

Fast charging and long-lasting battery life

The Teno Bluetooth speaker comes with a USB Type-C charging cable. Its 4000 mAh Micro USB rechargeable lithium battery can play continuously for 8 hours at a volume of 50%, and can continue to light for 4 hours at a brightness of 100%. When there is no power, just connect Teno to the magnetic charging, the red indicator will light up, and the green indicator will turn to green when charging is complete, and the full charging time is about 5.5 hours.

Not only the attractive design but also pay attention to every detail of the sound presentation

teno Bluetooth audio distributionFull range driver 1 x 4.5” , 1 passive radiator,State-of-the-art Bluetooth 5.0 chip with 20W Class-D amplifier,Two Teno for TWS stereo pairing,Not only can it provide powerful sound, but also keep distortion to a minimum. The sound is fine-tuned using advanced DSP technology for a more balanced and comfortable listening experience for all types of music: all this combined with the highest quality Neodymium full-range drivers and custom passive radiators, Teno achieves a stunning Highs, crystal-clear mids, and deep, punchy bass: AboveThese sounds are rendered from an unseen source as Teno Soft glow unique by appearancebowl sculpturemagically emanates.

The founder of the brand hopes to give temperature to technology to make us more human

For founder Max,Lumio exists to evoke a warmth that modern technology often lacks. Resist the overstimulated and rushed world we live in by creating magical objects—crafted pieces that inspire joy, re-engage the senses and remind us of what it means to be human. Lumio incorporatesTechnology & Craft sets out to improve the way we live: its pieces combine forward-thinking technology with time-honored craftsmanship - engaging your senses through touch, sound, sight, smell and even taste to make you feel more human.

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