Bali Mystique Hardcover


Assouline Bali Mystique hardcover book showcases Bali, the "Island of the Gods" at the center of surfing, tropical paradise and bamboo architecture. The charm of this Indonesian island is unparalleled and attracts millions of tourists every year. A balance of spiritual meditation and indulgent entertainment, Bali has an energy that defies the stereotype of an oasis of tranquility. Local culture permeates daily life, with sacrifices, temples and rituals encountered at every corner. Bali, on the other hand, also offers luxurious seaside resorts and wild nightlife.

With black sand beaches, spectacular volcanoes and countless waterfalls, Bali's rich natural resources are inspiring. The abundance of bamboo on the island encouraged the development of bamboo architecture that is now common. Cliffside villas, endless rice terraces, a lively surfing community, and the friendliness and enthusiasm of the local people create a vibrant portrait of Bali.

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– Assouline Bali Mystique Hardcover Book

– L25.4 x W3.8 x H33 cm

– Weight 2.7 kg

– Page 312

– over 200 images

– Linen Hardcover

– English

– Author: Elora

– Designed in France Made in Italy