Pachuli borosilicate glass cup


The BeanAndBean Pachuli borosilicate glass cup is small and cute, with the classic PACHULI face details and red nose dots, echoing the BeanAndBean brand spirit: to achieve a variety of colors, shapes, unique textures, and to think about the infinity of home from the perspective of art, architecture and fashion Possibilities, ingest daily life inspiration, and realize multiple ways of feeling.

Each BeanAndBean Pachuli cup is handcrafted from borosilicate glass. The tiny air bubbles, black and white dots, and tiny protrusions on each piece are unique. Please enjoy the surprises brought by handicrafts.

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- BeanAndBean Pachuli borosilicate glass cup

- L 9 x W 9 x H 9.5 cm

- The bottom rim of the cup 7 L x 7 W cm

- Capacity 400 ml

- Hand blown

- High borosilicate glass

- Microwave use is not recommended

- Do not wash in dishwasher

- Designed in Vancouver handmade in China