PACHULI stainless steel tray


The PACHULI metal candle tray is made of thickened stainless steel with the classic PACHULI face details and brand logo, which perfectly complements each PACHULI scented candle placed above, echoing the BeanAndBean brand spirit: from colors and shapes to achieve diverse and unique textures and from art, from the perspective of architecture and fashion, thinking about the infinite possibilities of home furnishing, absorbing daily life inspiration, and realizing multiple ways of feeling.

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- PACHULI stainless steel tray

- L 23 x W 9 x H 1 cm

- Weight 0.2 kg

- Stainless steel

- Laser engraved PACHULI details

- Can be used as a storage tray

- Can be used for PACHULI scented candles' holder

- Designed in Vancouver handmade in China