Little Lonely… concrete diffuser characters


Looking at Little Lonely... concrete diffuser, the angle is pulled from the side view to the depression angle, and the realistic landscape is turned into digital pixels, which is surprising. Then the lens zoom in to the most details, thinking: "Something seemed to be missing...", this is how Little Lonely... exclusive character was born. Leaping into this work brings more vitality and imagination to it. There are three roles to choose from: each becomes one of the indispensable protagonists, the soul of the lonely theater, making the story more complete and more imaginative.

Little Lonely... Astronaut character: An Astronaut who lives in a vacuum with silence.

Little Lonely... Polar bear character: Polar bear at the northernmost point of the planet and living alone in the cold.

Little Lonely... Ninja character: A ninja who performs secret missions alone.

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- Little Lonely… concrete diffuser characters

- Stainless steel

- Character mix and match free

- Recommended to be used with Little Lonely... concrete diffuser

- Designed and manufactured in Taiwan