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KAWS Kaws:Holiday Singapore black vinyl figure


Kaws:Holiday Singapore grey vinyl figure is to commemorate the arrival of the 7th stop of the world tour exhibition, located in the heart of Singapore's metropolis-Marina Bay Float @ Marina Bay, bringing the KAWS large-scale COMPANION embrace sculpture. They brought a new 10.5-inch COMPANION series vinyl figure with three classic colors: brown, gray and black. The "KAWS:HOLIDAY" world tour exhibition started in 2018. It started from Seoul and traveled to Taipei, Hong Kong, Japan, space and the United Kingdom. Every stop has received great repercussions.

Kaws:Holiday Singapore black figure is 10.5 inches long and the NFC unique certification is attached.

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- Kaws:Holidy Singapore black vinyl figure

- L 26.7 cm

- Vinyl

- Certificated NFC chip of authenticity