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Facing The Current


Facing The Current is a limited edition of 500 figures issued by a raffle to commemorate artist Yusuke Hanai's solo exhibition "FACING THE CURRENT". Yusuke Hanai once lived in San Francisco, the United States, so the street culture of the West Coast has a great influence on him, including the Beatles, hippos, surfers, and other diverse non-mainstream cultures. Yusuke Hanai's creation also mixes Eastern and Western elements. This exhibition sharing Yusuke Hanai's views and feelings on non-mainstream culture, displaying his largest three-dimensional sculptures to date, as well as his 19 oil paintings and multi-layer frameworks. The number of exhibits is the highest among overseas exhibitions over the years.

The name Facing The Current has a special meaning. The English word "Current" has a double meaning, which can be interpreted as "wind wave" or "present situation". Yusuke Hanai loves surfing. In the face of the unpredictable and uncontrollable "wind and waves", surfers may still be able to ride the waves in the first second, but maybe swallowed by the waves in the next second; just like our life, everyone has it too. Each "present situation" needs to be faced. At this point, Yusuke Hanai couldn’t help thinking: “Whether we face the status quo, should we live with the crowd, or continue to fight against difficulties?” Although the unhappy uncle in the work is depressed on the boat, there is still a puppy beside him, bringing out even In the face of difficult times, we still need to resolutely face the deep meaning of the current situation or storms.

Facing The Current figure sculpture is 11 inches long, and limited to 500 pieces. The artist’s signature and serial number are printed on the bottom of the boat, and it comes with wooden box packaging and an individually numbered certification card.

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– Yusuke Hanai Facing The Current

- L 28 x W 15

- PU and stainless steel

- Printed signature and number under the boat

- Wooden box and numbered certificate of authenticity

- Limited edition of 500 pieces

- Edition No.- / 500

Yusuke Hanai