Brick red umbrella Brick Stand


The Moheim brick red umbrella Brick Stand seeks minimal volume, this recycled brick umbrella stand can be easily used at the front door or on the porch, and can also be used as a door stopper. The design is inspired by Finnish perforated bricks and features rustic materials. The raw materials include recycled clay, ceramic waste, slag, and so on - material that would otherwise have been discarded. To be sustainable and eco-friendly, Brick Stand is created with over 70% recycled materials.

Each Brick Stand are hand-made with recycled clay, and each of them is unique, the color and pattern and the individuality of the finish are also a characteristic of its recycled materials. Please enjoy the surprises brought by hand craftsmanship.

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- Moheim brick red umbrella Brick Stand

- L 15.8 x W 11.8 x H 6 cm

- 70% recycled clay and waste and 30% virgin clay

- Designed and manufactured in Japan